CashUp Program by Evergreen

CashUp by Evergreen can help you serve buyers and grow your business more efficiently!

Turn your house hunter into a cash buyer –

With CashUp by Evergreen, homebuyers are preapproved as cash buyers up front with a fully underwritten credit package.

Up the offer with no financing and no appraisal contingency –

When your clients find the perfect property, they can submit an offer with no financing or appraisal contingency.

We buy the home –

After the offer is accepted, Evergreen buys the home for your client and then transfers it to your client after permanent financing is established. It’s a win for the seller, for your client, and for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits for agents?

The CashUp by Evergreen program was created to help our valued agent partners and their clients. We do all the financing work up front so your clients can submit a worry-free cash offer. This unique program puts you in the best position possible to help your clients compete and win without sacrificing your commission.

My clients have submitted multiple offers without success, and they’re feeling discouraged, Can the CashUp by Evergreen program help?

Yes! This unique program is designed to put your clients at the top of the seller’s list by turning their offers into cash. This means they can quickly submit an offer with no financing and no appraisal contingencies. Upon acceptance of the offer, Evergreen purchases the home on your client’s behalf.

Can my clients use the CashUp by Evergreen program if they need a mortgage?

Yes! Our program is designed specifically for homebuyers who require a mortgage yet need a more competitive offer to help them compete against multiple offers–and possibly multiple cash offers.

Does Evergreen need to be shown on the contract?

Yes. The purchase and sales contract should read:

  • Evergreen Moneysource Mortgage Company as Nominee for buyer’s name and or assigns. (Arizona, California, and Washington transactions)
  • Buyer’s name and/or nominee (Nevada transactions)
  • Buyer’s name and/or assigns. Add addendum RE-11 to read: Evergreen Moneysource Mortgage Company as Nominee for buyers name and or assigns. (Idaho transactions)

Is there a specific title and escrow we must designate on the contract?

Yes. Evergreen is working with Stewart Title & Escrow in Arizona, California, Idaho, and Washington. Evergreen is working with Ticor Title in Nevada.

What is the minimum earnest money required from the buyer?

The minimum and customary earnest money is 2 percent (based on the purchase price). it’s provided by the buyer to present with the offer and held at escrow.

How will the seller know the cash funds are verified if my client is obtaining a mortgage?

Evergreen will provide approved cash buyers with a CashUp by Evergreen approval letter as proof of cash funds, and it can be submitted with the offer.

I’m a listing agent, and my seller received a CashUp offer. What’s the benefit to this offer?

There are many benefits to accepting a CashUp by Evergreen offer. This offer means we’ve fully approved the buyer to submit a cash offer with no financing and no appraisal contingencies. If the offer is accepted, Evergreen Home Loans will purchase the home on behalf of the buyer.

My client has a home to sell but wants to purchase another home first. Can they use the CashUp by Evergreen program before they sell?

Yes! If your client is ready to buy and doesn’t want to sell their current home due to low inventory, they could qualify for our program. Talk to one of our loan officer’s for detail.

For other Frequently Asked Questions, on how the program works and the qualifications and restrictions, click here.

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