Home-Selling Fears? Here’s Your Pep Talk!

If you’ve been feeling like a deer in the headlights at the thought of selling your home–you’re not alone! Two common concerns have many homeowners on pause: dread of a higher mortgage rate, and the scarcity of homes to buy. Let us share some strategies to conquer these hesitations:

Hesitation #1: Higher Mortage Rates

Today’s 30-year fixed mortgage rates are sitting closer to 7%, a giant leap from the sub-4% bliss that most current homeowners enjoy. This change has given birth to the “mortgage rate lock-in effect,” prompting many homeowners to stay put.

Quick Tip: Although we’re all secretly wishing for a crystal ball, mortgage rates are as unpredictable as a twist in a good mystery novel. It might be tempting to wait for a decrease, but remember, home prices are still on an uphill journey. Move now and avoid future price hikes. If rates do fall, a refinance could be an ace up your sleeve! Ask us today about our Buyer Booster $2,500 refinance!

Hesitation #2: Anxiety Over Limited Home Choices

Thanks to the above hesitation, fewer homes are going on the market–making the house hunt a little challenging.

Quick Tip: Flexibility is your secret weapon here. Exploring a variety of housing types (think: condos, townhouses, new builds) can broaden your search. And if you have the luxury of remote work, why not extend your search beyond your usual boundaries? You might discover a gem you hadn’t considered before.

Fear-Busting Move

Instead of being haunted by worries, focus on what’s within your control! Teaming up with a real estate professional, someone who’s well-versed in navigating this market, can equip you with insights and strategies to make confident decisions. Take a deep breath, and remember: you’ve got this! Contact us today to learn all about the different products we have to help you win your dream home! 206-590-2414