Build your own home with a Construction Loan!

Frequently Asked Questions Q. What is the general loan approval process for a Construction Loan? A. The 4 major steps in the construction loan approval process are as follows: Builder Review: EHL is required to review and approve the builder you have chosen. Important Note: You should not rely on EHL’s builder approval process to…

Market Update

As the markets adjust here is what we are seeing.Video Like:


Closing the Retirement Gap Using Home Equity

Learning Objectives Section 1 The Basics Section 2 Program Features Section 3 Other Details Section 4 Loan Process Section 5 Scenarios and Uses Section 6 Summary The Importance of Home Equity “New academic research demonstrates how HECMs can play a vital role in retirement planning – not just as a tool of last resort but…


Build a Backyard Cottage in Thurston County

With housing inventory 40% lower than this time last year, it’s time to get creative! The City Of Lacey worked with Artisans Group to develop two pre-approved Backyard Cottage designs!  Backyard Cottages, also called Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs), are gaining in popularity due to their versatility. They can provide space for your family, friends and out of…


2020 Refi Boom is Official, But For How Long?

As interest rates moved in an ever-narrower pattern in the 2nd half of 2019, we looked to early 2020 to break that cycle, for better or worse. So far, 2020 has delivered on the promise of increased volatility, but not for the reasons anyone expected. There was a far better case to be made for…


Reverse Mortgage Purchases

You may have heard of Reverse Mortgages, but did you know there is such a thing as a Reverse Mortgage Purchase? Reverse Mortgage Purchases are one of the fastest growing but relatively unrecognized areas of the Real Estate Market. There are 76 million baby boomers, many of whom will be candidates for a reverse mortgage…


Three Reasons Why Pre-Approval Is the First Step

When the number of buyers in the housing market out numbers the number of homes for sale, it’s called a “seller’s market.” The advantage tips toward the seller as low inventory heats up the competition among those searching for a place to call their own. This can create multiple offer scenarios and bidding wars, making it tough for…


2020 Homebuying Checklist

Some Highlights: If you’re thinking of buying a home, plan ahead and stay on the right track, starting with pre-approval. Being proactive about the homebuying process will help set you up for success in each step. Make sure to work with a trusted real estate professional along the way, to help guide you through the homebuying steps specific to your…


Home buyer Guide Winter 2020

TABLE OF CONTENTS WHAT’S HAPPENING IN THE HOUSING MARKET? 3 4 Reasons to Buy a Home This Winter 5 What’s the Latest on Mortgage Rates? 6 Where Are Home Prices Heading? 8 The True Cost of Not Owning Your Home WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW BEFORE YOU BUY  9 Buying a Home: Do You Know…


Ten Tips For First Time Home Buyers

We have helped over 3,000 home owners with their financing needs, here are 10 tips for first time home buyers. Get Preapproved before you shop for a home and buy what you can afford You do not need 20% down! Don’t drain your savings, take advantage of Down Payment Assistance Programs if needed Read your…