Just When You Thought They Were Gone, All-Time Low Rates Are Back

Just When You Thought They Were Gone, All-Time Low Rates Are Back Mortgage rates plunged well into new all-time lows this week, which is a striking turn of events given the vastly different outlook at the end of last week. Specifically, a series of strong economic reports led to significant losses in the bond market…

The actual number of unemployed is less than many are reporting!

Three Things to Understand About Unemployment Statistics Tomorrow morning the Bureau of Labor Statistics will release the latest Employment Situation Summary, which will include the most current unemployment rate. It will be a horrific number. Many analysts believe unemployment could be greater than 20%. These numbers represent families across the nation that are not sure when (or if)…


National Rates Hit 52 Week Low

Here is a summary of where national rates are today. Rates are based on your scenario. For example higher credit or more equity in your home can help you qualify for a lower rate. We can help you Buy, Refinance to lower your rate and payment or drop mortgage insurance from your payment, take out equity…


This is not 1932….

Last Friday, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) released its latest jobs report. It revealed that the economic shutdown made necessary by COVID-19 caused the unemployment rate to jump to 14.7%. Many anticipate that next month the percentage could be even higher. These numbers represent the extreme hardship so many families are experiencing right now. That pain should…


Think This Is a Housing Crisis? Think again.

5 Reasons why this market is far different than 2008! With all of the unanswered questions caused by COVID-19 and the economic slowdown were experiencing across the country today, many are asking if the housing market is in trouble. For those who remember 2008, it’s logical to ask that question. Many of us experienced financial…


Remodel Your Home with an FHA 203k Home Loan


Update on Appraisals in response to COVID-19


We offer a 100% Digital Experience!

We’re available from anywhere and closing on time and as promised® In a fast changing market, Evergreen Home Loans™ is equipped to help close home loans with minimal disruptions. With our suite of digital mortgage tools and resources, home financing can happen from anywhere. Here’s how: Online application—apply for financing from any internet-enabled device. It’s…


Build your own home with a Construction Loan!

Frequently Asked Questions Q. What is the general loan approval process for a Construction Loan? A. The 4 major steps in the construction loan approval process are as follows: Builder Review: EHL is required to review and approve the builder you have chosen. Important Note: You should not rely on EHL’s builder approval process to…

Market Update

As the markets adjust here is what we are seeing.Video Like: